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We are determined to improve the lives of people with different health challenges by leading them through prevention, management and cure. See the range of programe we are engaged with below.


NECHFO memorial diabetic centre handles diabetes cases professionally with prompt diagnosis, treatment with quality drugs and supplement for efficient management. Millions of Africans especially Nigerians both young and old are suffering from diabetes and its complications. Very many are unaware of this disease and living with it. Some who are diagnosed have no means of accessing medical care needed due to high level of poverty in the country and this led to their death. There is no government assistance/support as regards to people living with this disease. We organize health conferences / seminars in metropolis as well as town hall meetings in rural areas where we gather team of health professionals to give talks on diabetes. We equally do on-spot medical diagnosis and administer free drugs to people living with the disease, but at the moment it is financially difficulty for us to meet up demand due to large number of people requiring health assistance. NECHFO sincerely solicit your assistance as regards diabetes drugs and supplements, test kit such as glucometers, hospital equipment, project vehicles or even cash donations which could also be done via our website. This is to enable us give out free drugs, glucometers and drugs supplements during our health awareness events.


Our HIV/AIDS program begins with knowing your status, eliminating stigma and taking charge of your health. At NECHFO we offer free HIV counselling/testing and drug administration for efficient management of the virus. NECHFO’s HIV/AIDS program is firmly grounded in volunteerism. The Foundation’s very existence is dependent upon enthusiasm and dedicated professionals from all works of life that serve as volunteers. Our HIV/AIDS program has achieved great medical advances in the fight against HIV/AIDS through prevention education and treatment within the communities. You can help by taking responsibility and equally by monetary donations to help the foundation continue its mission. Being diagnosed with HIV can be a scary thing to face. You may have a lot of unanswered questions and concerns, be assured NECHFO already has answers for persons living with HIV/AIDS.


This program is aimed at improving sustainable access to portable water supply, sanitation and hygiene in the communities, schools, markets and other institutions.


Malaria has killed more people than the wars in the world and yet still killing people. NECHFO found it disheartening that what we the Africans thought to be common or part of life is the worst enemy. NECHFO is working with partners to create awareness in all the rural and urban areas in Africa with aim of maintaining proper sanitation and mosquito free environment to prevent malaria.

Our work in this area is very important because at least one million malaria deaths occur among young children in rural areas annually. Most of these deaths are in populations with little access to health services. In such areas, home treatment with chloroquine, antipyretics and traditional remedies are the most frequent response of caregivers to fever episodes in children. However, due to the increasing resistance against chloroquine in most African countries together with limited access to modern health services, poor quality of such services, low compliance with treatment schemes and poor quality of drugs sold at markets, the community effectiveness of malaria treatment is very low. As malaria treatment provided through formal health services is currently not a sufficiently effective strategy for malaria control in rural areas, interventions aiming at improving malaria home treatment by caregivers may be considered as a complementary strategy. There are some evidence that improved home management of malaria in children will result in earlier and more effective treatment with consequently reduced morbidity and mortality rate. We educate parents on why and how to improve malaria home treatment and environmental hygiene.


Our food program is targeted at reducing hunger among poor widows, orphans, vulnerable children and destitute persons by providing nutritional food. We equally introduce them to low cost agricultural programs to enable them cater for themselves. NECHFO supports efforts to ensure general health and wellness of every individual are promoted, also reduces preventable death and sensitizes everybody on her goals.

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